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Posted 03/27/2017

Energy Brief 0104

TGIF team, its Friday and our markets are up a tad on a slightly lower US dollar. We are also seeing, the Saudi’s are exporting less crude oil to the US , but I don’t put much stock in that because Canada will just continue to cover whatever the Saudi’s don’t send! In a Reuters story from Henning Gloystein...

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Posted 03/24/2017

Energy Brief 0103

TGIF team, its Friday and our markets are up a tad on a slightly lower US dollar. We are also seeing, the Saudi’s are exporting less crude oil to the US , but I don’t put much stock in that because Canada will just continue to cover whatever the Saudi’s don’t send! In a Reuters story from Henning Gloystein...

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Posted 03/22/2017

Energy Brief 0102

Good Wednesday morning team! Markets are still reeling from yesterday’s down day in the equities and we’re still down in the energy complex on another disappointing API estimates. The API expects inventories of crude increased by 4.5 million barrels with gasoline increasing inventories falling by 4.9 million barrels and the distillates showed a drop of 833,000 barrels...

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Posted 03/21/2017

Energy Brief 0101

Happy Tuesday Team! For the first full day of Spring, markets are hopeful. We’re trending slightly higher as we head into the middle of the week when we get the API and EIA reports and see how much deeper the crude oil pool is right now. But, are supply cuts around the globe enough? Even if the Saudi’s...

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Posted 03/20/2017

Energy Brief 0100

Our markets seem to have lost their spring however with WTI trading down nearly a buck early this am. Our markets are stepping into much softer territory after Friday’s Baker Hughes Rig Count showed a big increase in land based rigs of 14 with Nat Gas rigs increasing 6 and adding back 1 miscellaneous rig...

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Tim Snyder founded Matador Economics (Formerly Agri-Energy Solutions, Inc.) in 2005. Tim serves as its President and Chief Economist and has continued to aggregate and deliver on a daily basis valuable industry information his clients and the public on an ever-changing industry.

Tim's experience in applied economics began in 1983 after graduating from Texas Tech University when he began his professional career as a registered securities and commodities representative at Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. While at Dean Witter he honed his skills as a registered commodity representative and began working in the equity finance arena as well. After three years, he was promoted to Syndicate Coordinator and began to expand his interests into mergers, acquisitions and equity financing. In 2011, Tim began his joint tenure with Pro Petroleum, Inc. as its Economist.

Tim also serves as a research cooperator to the Agriculture and Applied Economics Department at Texas Tech University and because of his vast experience in the areas of energy and agriculture has spent several years on the speaker circuit here in the US and abroad.

Tim's management, advisory and energy experience spans three decades; that coupled with his unique approach to applied economics and market analysis in the areas of energy and agriculture have form a foundation for the EnergyWise blog. Tim believes that the entrepreneurial energy generated and the increasingly sophisticated, high-tech string of tools being created gives the US a genuine opportunity to become a net energy exporter instead of a net energy importer. Energy wise investors will benefit.


  • "As a former bank, CEO and financial executive and a current economic development CEO with an acute interest in the oil and gas markets, I read "EnergyWise" every day. I also have liberally forwarded the commentary to other CEO's from a variety of private sector industries, economists, investment advisors and government officials. The unique daily discussion and insight that combines underlying market dynamics, macro-economic drivers and geo-political concerns presents an entire picture of the energy markets that you really can't get too many other places. Andy Montgomery
  • "Tim Snyder's daily "EnergyWise" piece offers a wealth of information for anyone in the Energy Sector. I am a lease crude oil buyer and use his commentary/data on a daily basis, especially the information regarding crude oil inventories. His extensive experience of the economics behind what drive the market is shown in depth in his writing. I have learned much from his daily distribution, and highly recommend it to anyone involved in the energy business." Seth Moore
    Plains Marketing, LP
  • "I have been working with Mr. Tim Snyder for some time, and have always found his insight and analysis of the global energy markets to be critical to the success of our company. His daily "EnergyWise" blog is diligently read by our entire team and many of our client companies. I have found no better way to quickly update myself on the nuances of the ever changing oil and gas industry, and the global geostrategic realities that drive the price of these most critical commodities." Baron Lukas, Colonel, U.S.M.C. (Ret)
    CEO, Envirologic Solutions

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